Elevation Vin#3060

Bedrooms: 2

Length: 45'

Elevation floorplans have been engineered to utilize the maximum 538 sq. ft. (~50 sq. metres) in the most efficient way possible. Each Canadian floorplan has been designed with a second bedroom, which can house bunk beds or a single mattress. Customers have the ability to choose between five front-end window designs, multiple bathroom layouts, and different wardrobe options, which are interchangeable in each floorplan. Many plans can accommodate amenities such as washer & dryer, dishwasher, larger refrigerator, or sectional sofa. Depending on the location of the unit, customers can select to have the floorplan flipped end-to-end or rolled side-to-side to best suit their needs.

* Bi-Weekly payment includes set-up on site at Country Gardens, Landings Campground or Whistle Bare Campground, Freight, PDI. HST Not Included

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Units Available:

  • 5-120CA VIN #3060
  • $149,500 (Plus applicable taxes)