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Our Story

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Our Story

Our Story

Woodland Park Inc. was founded by Ernie and Edna Yoder in 1983. Both came from large traditional Amish families. Strong faith and vision provided the platform needed to build a successful product and business. So began a long journey that eventually led to Woodland Park’s position as one of the highest quality built park model RVs in the industry.

Woodland's initial seven employees proudly made 24 units in the last three months of 1983. In the following years the number of units being made continued to climb, along with the number of employees. The one thing that stayed consistent was the quality built park model.

In 2005 Woodland broke ground on a new 47,000 square foot production plant. Blending Amish craftsmanship with innovative technology, Woodland was able to increase the production rate.

In 1999, 2 brothers named Peter and John Bingeman purchased Country Gardens RV Park. 

In 2006, Country Gardens signed up with Woodland and has been a proud dealer ever since. The beautiful 12’ and 14’ wide luxury Park Model has become a pillar in their dealership. You’re invited to come and see our units that we have available.

In 2011 two of Peter and Jan's children purchased John's shares. Their names are Laura Dietrich and Alan Bingeman. John and his family still comes to the park to enjoy icecream cones. 

In 2011 a second park was purchased, Landings Campground. 

In 2017 a third park was purchased, Whistle Bare Campground. 


It was like buying a new house. Originally we were going to go with something smaller, but we realized that with a little more money we would get a much nicer trailer. It’s built like a house, ours is four seasons and we could live in it all year round. When we’re older we will probably live in one of these full time as our main house. It is so well insulated and holds the heat and the cold very well. You turn the AC on and it’s cold within half an hour. We loved being able to pick out everything exactly how we wanted it, and we got a three bedroom model so that each of our boys can have their own room, which was very important. We were even able to have our model flipped so that our siding doors faced the other side, so we could have a big yard between ours and our parents’ lot next door so we could face each other which was great.
We bought this model right off the lot as is because we just loved how it looked. It’s so roomy and it has a nice kitchen area, a great living room and only one bedroom, which is all we need. It’s a home away from home, it really is.
We sat down with Peter to discuss what we wanted and what we didn't want, and we're very happy with what we ended up with. We were grateful that we were able to customize our Woodland Park Model to be exactly how we wanted it. We knew we wanted to have one bedroom, a bigger bathroom with a standup shower, and we were able to choose all of our own furniture. It's a fantastic living space. I would definitely recommend a Woodland Park Model. They can certainly satisfy everyone's needs and the new models are absolutely stunning. If we were buying all over again, no hesitation it would be Woodland Park every time.

Making dreams come true since 1983

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